4 lead generation strategies on LinkedIn that works

4 Lead Generation Strategies on LinkedIn that works

  • : Sahil Chopra
  • : 08-07-2020

If someone has given you some advice on LinkedIn or you have watched any videos or even paid for training, 90% was only about optimizing your LinkedIn Profile. While it is important to have a strong LinkedIn profile, it is not that you will get the clients (In the same manner a great resume doesn’t …

Visibility & Business Development for Law Firms & Legal Professionals

Visibility & Business Development for Law Firms & Legal Professionals

  • : Sahil Chopra
  • : 06-07-2020

Nine Ways to Leverage LinkedIn 1. Build relationships with potential clients. If you deal with corporate business, small business, or real estate issues, you can use LinkedIn to network with potential clients—and educate them so they will want to come to you with their problems. 2. Identify and connect with potential referral sources. A lawyer …

Mental Harassment is punishable or not?

Mental harassment is punishable or not?

  • : Mariya Shipchandler
  • : 19-06-2020

Mental Harassment is no good, or is it? We all suffer mental harassment of one form or the other at least once in our lifetime. Nevertheless, we hardly realize that we just added a burden of a harassment on our head. For most of us, mental harassment means the domestic violence, abuse, stalking or workplace …

Building your Legal firm’s brand

  • : Commwiser Team
  • : 09-05-2020

Legal services marketing as a discipline is mostly unheard of, at least in India.

Former KPMG executive launches Commwiser

  • : Campaign India
  • : 24-07-2017

Aman Abbas, who has spent close to two decades in the PR industry, has announced plans to launch Commwiser, a specialist communications firm that will focus on the professional services segment and technology sector (consumer and enterprise).   Commwiser will initially operate from its office in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai and will follow up with an …

Law firm marketing – Making sense of puzzling propositions

  • : Commwiser Team
  • : 09-05-2020

In the legal profession, traditionally a lot of business ‘walked-in’ based on the reputation of the Firm or due to equity created by some prominent lawyers in the firm.

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