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Building your firm’s brand

Building your firm’s brand

This article was originally published in India Business Law Journal.


A robust marketing strategy can distinguish a law firm from the competition, writes Aman Abbas

Legal services marketing as a discipline is mostly unheard of, at least in India. As marketers, we did not get the opportunity to learn this in any school. There are no specialized legal/professional services marketing firms that can provide a 360-degree view either.

Aman Abbas
Commwiser Consultants

Those who work in this field must know the business of law, policy environment and deal market in order to understand the dynamics that bring in work for law firms. Marketing is impactful […] Read more

3 Steps to Admitting your Professional Services Brand Needs Overhaul

3 Steps to Admitting your Professional Services Brand Needs Overhaul

Fixing your brand when it is broken may be a challenging task. What is even harder is to identify the trend before it hits free fall and take corrective measures that are especially painful.


What makes it so difficult to identify a potentially toxic situation in the organization has much to do with how your employees and customers react to a dysfunctional process. Sometimes, this can be a part of the problem, making it harder for brand stewards to navigate away from crisis situations at a time when the possibility of containment still exists. As the global mind-set shifts from profitability […] Read more