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The Role Of Social Media In Law Firm Business Development

Social media is an important tool for networking, content promotion, and research & recruitment.

> The need for a planned campaign creation over posting arbitrary content.

> Elements of campaign creation – attraction and retention of key clients, problem-solving content, create a calendar for consistency, and create all forms (long, short and visual form) of content.


In any dispute, the threat of Litigation is a scare for any business. It adds on to the risks and loss of some very valuable opportunities. But before the business suffers, it is pertinent to step up the communications and defend the reputation.

There are an increasing interest and reports of media into such matters, that is why the business needs to be correctly represented and protect its reputation at large.

In this roundtable we bring you experts who ran global mandates for high-profile commercial clients.


Top Marketing And Business Development Strategies For Law Firms

This e-book talks about top law firm marketing and business development strategies, authored by two legal marketing and business development veterans — Aman Abbas and John Grimley. These articles provide a well-rounded overview of their recommendations on how you can effectively build your law practice through well-designed marketing and business development initiatives. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either of them.

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