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How to handle camera/video interview online?

  • : Commwiser
  • : 07-10-2020

Online interviews may not be new but have certainly gained momentum in the past few months owing to the coronavirus-induced lockdown worldwide. Most companies as well as universities, etc have switched to online interviews, in absence of a better alternative. However, there are some absolutely essential things we often forget while preparing for an online interview. Here are some handy tips to help you ace that interview.

  1. Find the perfect spot
    Make sure to look for a quiet and comfortable place with ample light. Natural light is the best to count on, so try and pick a spot, say, near a window. In case that’s not possible, make sure the room is well lit and that you are properly visible to the interviewer(s). Ensure the place has uninterrupted internet connectivity. Ideally, have a plain wall in the backdrop. Too many details around you can be distracting for the interviewer(s). To avoid distractions on your part, de-clutter the space you have chosen. Also, take care how you dress. You wouldn’t want to wear anything either too gaudy or too casual. Dress professionally.
  2. Check your devices
    Since this interview is going be online, it is elementary that you check your devices beforehand. Ideally, keep your devices fully charged. At the same time, ensure that you have enough charging points near you, just in case. Put your phone on silent before you sit for the interview. Check your Wi-Fi connection. You may want to use Wi-Fi signal boosters if your internet connection is not very stable.
  3. Trial run
    Get your colleague, friend, or family member on board and run a trial test of the devices and the interview. This will expose loopholes, if any, in the setup. It is very much possible that you might have missed out on something important. This exercise will prepare you to face any possible contingencies. It is advisable to consider having a backup for devices et al.
  4. Practice
    Even though the interview is happening online, some of the skills of a conventional interview will still be put to use. To feel more confident, practice some of the frequently asked questions. Go over the interview in your mind. This will shake off nervousness and help you think with a clear head during the interview.
  5. During the interview
    This part plays almost the same as in a conventional interview. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s). Now remember, for that, you must look into the camera and not at the screen. During the interview, smile from time to time. Stay calm and listen attentively to the questions being asked. It is okay to take a few seconds to reflect before you answer. You must keep your answers simple and sound confident. Do not over complicate. Attempting to answer a question you know little about is a big no.

Online interviews are not a big deal. They just involve a little homework before the final show. Once you get a fair idea of how to navigate that, you are good to go. All the technical arrangements may seem chaotic (and to some extent they indeed are!) but the only way to go about it is to go through it. The more you prepare beforehand, the more prepared you will be for the interview.

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