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Social Media for law firms– Create Campaigns and not notice boards

  • : Team Commwiser
  • : 19-08-2020

Before thinking of creating any campaign one must think of the need that the campaign must fulfil for the brand. Generally, the need is to communicate – with clients, potential clients, target audience, potential employees. So, through the campaign the brand must talk about itself, maintain its image, deliver what it promises and keep the audience interested by creating relevant and engaging content. This brings us to the key requirement of any campaign – understanding the audience. Once you have a fair understanding of what the audience needs and expects from you, you can devise strategies and choose channels/platforms to reach out to them.

Need for Campaign Based Social Media Outreach

A social media campaign is not much different – except that it plays out entirely on social media. Besides, social media campaigns for brands can be effective tools for brand promotion and outreach. This is made possible by the democratisation that social media affords. An ideal social media campaign should help in networking, search engine optimisation, content promotion, research and even recruitment. It is meant to make the brand more accessible to the audience through social media interaction. Proper research of trends and grasp of market needs help in generating SEO-friendly content. Social media is also the best platform to meet and hire new people who might be able to pool in their talents and skills to help the brand grow.

Let’s start this by a simple test. Look at your social media posts over a period of last few months. Does it convey simple messages such as ‘this firm has a strong grasp of say, technology law (or whatever your strengths are) or ‘this looks like a really cool organization to work with’?

This can be achieved only when you plan your campaigns well in advance. This requires understanding the strengths of the firm, growth areas and what the audience interests are. Based on this, you can devise a campaign with multiple posts reinforcing the messages, which also connect well with your audience.

Executing an Effective Social Media Campaign

As important as it is to understand why we need a campaign, it is important to know how to plan and execute it. Campaigns work best when they are set in a time frame. A well thought schedule is absolutely necessary to have before the plan is implemented. Considering a social media campaign, one can try figuring out which social media platforms the target audience uses and connect with them on those platforms. The choice of platform and nature of content the audience is interested in will determine the content that the brand posts for audience consumption. The firm will also have to ensure that it addresses issues that the audience is concerned about. It is equally important to be consistent – in quantity and quality of posts. The idea is to make the content as captivating and relevant as possible.

Law firms should also consider going beyond the conversations about their area of expertise and show their softer side. Sometimes showcasing some social outreach, posting pictures of fun activities of lawyers create that brilliant connection with the audience. These posts make your audience remember you for long as a nice and humble organization that they want to do business with.

To put it in other words, a social media campaign can do wonders for the brand image by increasing its visibility. The trick to master is to learn how to play one’s cards in the best possible way by understanding how the game works.

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