Brand Strategy and Positioning

Positioning is the decision as to where your Firm should compete, what are the firm’s strategies to address, and how it should compete. We help you identify that and create a sustainable growth strategy for the Firm.

We take cognizance of the fact that the Firm’s current position is based on the decisions made in the past by its management and any radical shift takes an enormous amount of investment and effort. Therefore, we make efforts to understand the current positioning and what realistic decisions are to be made to create a profitable future.

Market Development Planning

Due to the busy schedules of law firms' leadership, market development remains an area that always needs more support. Most of the business development happens due to the existing network of the leadership or through sporadic trips to other jurisdictions or events.

Market Development works effectively when they are tied with the Firm’s strategy and planned meticulously for the whole financial year as a part of long-term planning. We, at Commwiser, would help you do exactly that and make you every cent work for you.


There are a plethora of awards in the industry and as a Firm, you are always flooded with one or the other award participation request. We would identify the right ones for you and help you with submissions. We would choose the right language and presentation style to help your organization shine.

We do provide directional support in the process of crafting submissions for legal rankings like Legal 500, AsiaLaw, Chambers & Partners, IBLJ to name a few.

League Table Rankings

This is a complex process and different tables rank Firms with different criteria, it’s important to understand how you crack it. We have devised a process that helps us present the deals in the right way and keep at it, all the time.

International Advertising

While Indian law Firms are not allowed to advertise in India, those who choose to participate in taking profile space in International publications, we will help them stay out of the clutter and focus on the positioning for maximum return on investment.



Social Media Campaign Strategy And Execution

As they say, if you are not present digitally, you don’t exist. The digital medium is breaking all the boundaries, which gives tremendous opportunities to Firms looking to target a global audience. Media consumption is more digital than ever. We devise your digital strategy and help you reach out to your target audience by providing on-ground support including assistance in content creation.

Capacity Building

Social Media is no longer about monologues. It is about engagement, created through great content and networking effect. Since most of us are present on relevant social media platforms, we sensitize and train the teams on how to effectively utilize their social media presence to their own and FIrm’s benefit. We conduct workshops, as well as do informal employee engagement on social media capacity building.



Stakeholders Conversations Program

We prepare a communication strategy and milestone-based plan to achieve your communication goals. We will help Firm spokespersons build a lasting relationship with media, organize interviews and place articles on topical issues.

Media Engagement

Working with media helps enhance the image of the Firm. We help you prepare your narrative that presents the Firm in line with your positioning. We also help Firms prepare their media policy that defines who and when from the Firm engages with media and the terms of engagement.

We also track regulatory and policy changes rigorously and do knowledge-driven engagement with media. We can be a good bridge between your experts and the media for a mutually beneficial relationship.



During a legal battle, it is imperative to have the right kind of environment for the litigant. Any negative publicity can impact public opinion as well as the matter before the court.

Our approach is to protect the client's reputation prior to and during the trial with the objectives to have the client’s story communicated, explain complex legal issues and counteract any negative stories in the media.